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Wedding Band Round Up

Happy October Jewelry Lovers!  I really love fall, don't you?  It is by far my favorite season and what better way to celebrate fall than conducting a wedding band round up of some truly gorgeous rustic styles for the ladies?  These rings are full of beautiful stones and gorgeous fall color.  So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and take a peek at these beauties!

First up, our new 3mm Rustic Band with Natural Brown Diamonds, shown here in our 14K Champagne Gold hue:

...and we added white diamonds to our Thin Organic Eternity Band, shown here again in our 14K Champagne Gold:

....and last but not least - our new 14K Gold Uneven Edge Band, shown here in 14K Rose Gold:

All of these bands come in four colors of gold - yellow, white, champagne, and rose! If you would like to see one of these rings in another hue, click here.


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