Welcome to Hozoni Designs

Being unique is what sets you apart and each piece of jewelry you wear defines your individuality. Hozoni Designs creates unique, elegant jewelry with a touch of rustic flair. Our goal is to create special pieces of jewelry that will highlight your individual style. We also offer custom made services to help you find just the right design.

Ho • zo • ni 

The Navajo word "hozhoni" is translated to mean "beauty" or "beautiful."  It can also mean "balance" and refer to the natural, healthy state of things. ​​This wisdom is the inspiration for Hozoni Designs' Jewelry.


What people say about us

  • I just got my custom-made ring from Hozoni Designs and I am so thrilled!! I worked with Daniele and Steve to create a wedding band, using diamonds from my mother-in-law's ring. They made a perfect ring that incorporates the rustic elements, which attracted me to their unique jewelry, with the tradition of family heirloom diamonds. Having a piece made especially for me makes my wedding band so special and sentimental. I looked far and wide for a style of ring that suited my taste, and I am so happy that I found Hozoni Designs!!!

  • This ring is just gorgeous! I love the stone . The setting is perfect! Delivery was fast as well. Thank you!

  • Love love love the beautiful piece of lapis and the simplicity of the silver. Very happy customer. Everything I was looking for and then some.

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