Our Story

We are a husband and wife team of jewelry designers located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have always been very creative in our own unique ways, but we soon came to realize we shared a desire to create beautiful and unique jewelry. I am an actor, and I was inspired to make jewelry after visiting Sedona, AZ one year. I admired a ring that contained a rough aquamarine, and was captured by the beauty of that raw stone in a simple setting. Inspired to learn how to make my own ring, I registered for my first metalworking technique class and began my jewelry composition and fabrication journey.

Steve’s artistic journey began at an early age and includes oil painting and landscape photography. He's also a classic car enthusiast and has restored a number of vintage cars, which is how he developed skills in working with metals. It was only natural for him to join me in jewelry design and fabrication and that is when Hozoni Designs was established.

We each contribute to the design of every piece we offer. We are completely aligned in the design aesthetic we are looking to achieve although I tend to bring in edgy design elements and Steve brings in refined elements. We work together on deciding how to balance out each of those contrasting elements and create a piece that has the unique balance we desire.

- Daniele Passantino


The Jewelry

Our jewelry is entirely handmade in our studio and we define the style of our jewelry as Rustic Fine Jewelry. Our designs strike a unique balance between rustic and organic elements with the refinement of fine jewelry. Each of our designs has a handmade look and feel and because each piece is truly handmade, no single piece is exactly like another.

The underlying artistic element in our line is contrast, and this contrast is contained in each piece of our jewelry. Sometimes the contrast is more dramatic, as in the case with oxidized silver paired with gold, and sometimes it is subtly achieved with satin finished surfaces paired with polished surfaces. Although contrast is achieved in a variety of ways, each design contains contrast that is presented in a balanced expression.

Each piece of jewelry has a unique story. That story begins with a unique design team and unique aesthetic, carries on with a production approach that creates one-of-a-kind pieces and ends with your own uniqueness. The passion of our designs, craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in each and every piece of our jewelry. Our goal is to create extremely unique and special pieces of jewelry that are made with exceptional craftsmanship that will last generations.

All of our pieces are handmade using both traditional and distinctive metalsmithing and casting techniques. We use a variety of gold colors and sterling silver, including mixed metal pieces. Many of our designs include gemstones and we only use high grade diamonds and colored gemstones that are responsibly sourced.  We are committed to environmental responsibility and only use recycled precious metals.

In addition to bridal jewelry, we offer a unique selection of fashion jewelry, as well as one-of-a-kind statement pieces. We also offer custom made jewelry services, allowing you to participate in the creation of a design to fit your individual needs.

What people say about us

  • I just got my custom-made ring from Hozoni Designs and I am so thrilled!! I worked with Daniele and Steve to create a wedding band, using diamonds from my mother-in-law's ring. They made a perfect ring that incorporates the rustic elements, which attracted me to their unique jewelry, with the tradition of family heirloom diamonds. Having a piece made especially for me makes my wedding band so special and sentimental. I looked far and wide for a style of ring that suited my taste, and I am so happy that I found Hozoni Designs!!!

  • This ring is just gorgeous! I love the stone . The setting is perfect! Delivery was fast as well. Thank you!

  • Love love love the beautiful piece of lapis and the simplicity of the silver. Very happy customer. Everything I was looking for and then some.

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