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Rustic Fine Jewelry by Hozoni Designs

When I began my jewelry design adventure, I was seeking to make pieces that I wasn’t seeing in the mainstream. I was attracted to rough gemstones, in settings that I would consider to be edgy, yet elegant. I gave my business the name Rebellia Designs, which I though embodied the kind of jewelry I wanted to make, as well as capturing my inner rebel.

Now that the business has expanded over the last few years (with my husband joining in the fabricating and designing fun!) I’m happy to say that the initial design elements that I was attracted to have been maintained. And the really cool part is that they have also been refined and expanded upon, and have set the foundation for what is now Hozoni Designs - our Rustic Fine Jewelry company.

Rustic Fine Jewelry is our term for our handmade jewelry that is equal parts elegant, rustic, and truly unique. Moving away from manufactured offerings is a trend that is gaining momentum because consumers are looking for jewelry that is more individual and natural, which is a reflection of our own uniqueness and desire to “get back to basics” with handmade goods.

We use natural high quality cut and rough gemstones set in precious metals, ensuring that you are wearing a one-of-a-kind design that is on the cutting edge of style, while maintaining a classic look.

Most of our jewelry has our signature texturing and irregular edges. Each piece is individual and no two will be exactly alike.

Check out the full spectrum of our designs in our online shop, and let me know what you think of the Rustic Fine Jewelry trend!

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