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Champagne Gold

Yellow, White, and Rose are the colors of gold that are most common, and we here at Hozoni Designs make our own 14K gold alloys, mixing the color to our liking. We were thrilled to discover that we could mix up a new hue to make a gorgeous golden/light brown color that we are calling Champagne gold!

We could barely contain ourselves when we saw how amazing a natural brown diamond looked set in champagne gold:

14K Champagne Gold Rustic Natural Brown Diamond Ring with Diamond Halo

Is that beautiful or what? We have also made our Men's Organic Band in Champagne Gold:

Men's 14k Champagne Gold Organic Band

To give you a good sense of the color difference, here is the Organic Band in 14K Yellow, White, and Champagne Gold:

We hope you are as excited as we are about this new color! We can make any of our gold items in this hue, so if there's something you covet that you do not see as a choice yet in our online shop, just ask!

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